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    Past Events

    Previous Event Partnerships

    See below for the events which UKUAT has been proud to partner on over the years.

    Future Farming Expo Scotland

    The agricultural industry is heading toward a more sustainable, profitable, and efficient future. Future Farming Expo will bring together forward-thinking Scottish farmers, advisors, and rural businesses over two days for knowledge hubs, discussion, and networking across a busy exhibition hall. Future Farming Expo is an exhibition that will focus on knowledge exchange so that every visitor goes home feeling like they have gained a crucial understanding of where the industry is heading, and how to tackle the challenges head on. In addition, UKUAT will be hosting a co-located conference on CEA, renewable energy and circular economy infrastructure clusters.

    GLASE Climate Control Virtual Short Course

    In this 6-week modular course, learn about all aspects of climate controls in greenhouses and indoor farms. Modules will focus on lighting, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, humidity and VPD, irrigation, and autonomous controls. Industry experts will define the specific environmental requirements of plants, show how climate controls work to improve yields in real-life case studies, and supply interactive demonstrations using commercially-available climate control technology. By the end of this virtual course, participants will be able to make informed decisions about selecting and using climate controls in their growing operations.

    Future Farm Technology Expo

    UKUAT will be working with the team at the Future Farm Technology Expo to help promote, educate and support UKUAT exhibiting members and connecting the UK urban vertical farming industry to suppliers, farmers and those who are researching the industry.


    AgraME is the leading event promoting sustainable, innovative agricultural practices to ensure food security in the MENA region. UKUAT will be acting as a media partner for this exciting event.