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    CEA Rough Starter Guide

    Updated: May 15

    Starting any business is a daunting process and controlled environment agriculture can seem like a particularly messy challenge. Many aspiring indoor farmers have little or no experience of growing anything at all and can be easily put off by the uncertainties around fundamental questions like:

    “How much can I grow?”

    “How much energy will all these lights use?”

    “What sort of building do I need?”

    There are no universal answers to these, but it is possible to provide some rough numbers for a generalised scenario in order to help you get started. This is what we have done in the inaugural version of our CEA Rough Starter Guide.

    We hope that the numbers and comments contained in this guide will contribute to a slight flattening of CEA’s steep learning curve and help aspiring farmers to make the transition from the back of an envelope to a semi-realistic spreadsheet.

    We intend to update the document as we become able to provide richer and deeper information and we welcome any contributions from those who wish to share their experience with people just starting out on their CEA journey.

    Head over to our resources page or download the guide here to get on with demystifying your own indoor farming adventure.